Insurance is an integral part of your financial success.  The problem is that often insurance policies are sold to benefit the agent, not necessarily you the client.  As a result we review all the insurance policies our clients have.  Once we understand what you have and what you need to achieve your financial goals we can...

Cash Flow Budgeting

A strong financial plan starts with a solid budget.  Once you understand where your money is going, you can consciously re-allocate your dollars to those things that are most important to you...


While we are not CPA’s and do not do taxes our goal is to reduce the burden of taxes wherever possible to free so that our clients keep more of what they earn.  This can be accomplished through...


One item drives RTJ’s investment advice: What is important about money to our clients. All investment decisions combine our clients’ vision with sound investment advice and expertise...

Estate Planning

RTJ Financial Management uses creative financial tools to reduce or eliminate estate taxes...

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