Ideal Client

Our ideal client is a successful entrepreneur, freelancer or executive in entertainment and other creative fields.  They don’t want an advisor in a three piece suit, behind a mahogany desk, telling them what to do.  They prefer a fun, collaborative advisor that understands their point of view.

Their lives, while often fun and exciting, have become complex and they need somebody to help guide them (and occasionally nag them) to achieve their vision of financial success. 

They don’t want an advisor that’s part of a large firm.  They prefer to have a personal relationship with their advisor and want a level of service unavailable to them from the big brokerage houses.  They want to know that the advice they receive is objective and in their best interest, not the interest of the firm.

Our ideal client is comfortable with technology and wants their advisor to connect with them the way they want, when they want.  Their advisor has to be flexible to meet the needs of their busy lives.

Most important, our clients are fun, interesting people that we enjoy working with.  We do our best work when we when we truly like the people we’re working for.

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